F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers, please DO NOT assume anything. If you do not find your answer below please open a support ticket. Click here to open a support ticket 


Factory warranties: even the new items USUALLY do not have factory warranties. You must have a retail bill of sale to register for most warranty programs. They will not accept a invoice from a auction as a retail bill of sale. So no warranty of any kind should ever be expected even on brand new items. We deal with a lot of overstock items and shelf pulls (discontinued items) and also clean returns (someone did not like the colour or misguided freight) none of this however qualified for any warranty.

Our guaranty: We offer a 24 hour guaranty that any Item listed as “new” or “as new” or “working” is In fact working and complete unless the listing for it specifically states otherwise. This gives you 24 hours from the time the item is paid for to test it and let us know if anything is wrong. After 24 hours the funds are released to the consignor and we and you have ZERO recourse so please test the items.  If you have us store the items or ship the items to you all guaranties are off. So if you can not pick up the item when paying for it or you need shipping please bid accordingly.

ASIS or “As found” condition: Any vintage or antique item should be considered in ASIS condition. We recommend to the consignors to give details as to the condition of items (working or at least list what is wrong if anything) but they often do not. Any item listed in as found or ASIS condition or any vintage or antique item that does not detail the condition of the item please consider it to be damaged in some way. You may not be able to see the damage in the photos either as our staff shoot thousands of photos every week so we miss stuff too. When we notice any damage we include it in the last photo and sometimes we edit the consignors description if we catch something that we feel needs to be mentioned.  If the consignor says asis or as found and does not say what is wrong just assume the very worst and bid accordingly. This will teach the consignors to give better descriptions! If you bid blind on a asis item please do not have high expectations as we do not want you to be disappointed.

Ask questions if you are unsure before you bid and early in the week: open a support ticket and ask us to have a better look for you or arrange a preview time to view the item before bidding. Be sure to do this early in the week and not on Saturday or Sunday as we may not have time to reply to you and after 3pm on Saturday no one is at the shop until after the auction closes Sunday so by that time it is too late.

Bidders Remorse: If you get in a bidding war with another bidder and end up paying to much for an item or you did not read the description or assumed something that is not true this is affectionately called “BIDDERS REMORSE” In the auction world and it happens to us all at one time or another, some people don’t read the descriptions, some assume things, some just get caught up in the auction and find themselves bidding against someone else who also feels they “MUST OWN” that same item.  Just please keep in mind we are not a retail store and we do not take items back cause you feel you paid to much for them OR you missed something in the description.

We do not set the prices… you do! We are not a retail store, we are the middle person in your transaction. We try to keep the consignors and the bidders happy and honest.  If you do not wrap up your glass item and it chips on the way home please don’t try to return it. The big retail box stores will let you pretty much return anything cause they have HUGE profit margins and they don’t own the items but have these very unfair forced return contracts with the suppliers so they risk nothing by accepting an item for return. Auctions do not have this ability so please do not expect this. It is unreasonable and we will not be able to help you.

At least once a month someone makes a bid (usually on a cell phone) and they miss the decimal place (and it’s hard to see decimals on cell phones) when this happens the computer will add a decimal to your bid. For instance a bid of 10.00 if you miss the decimal and just enter 1000 will be a 1000.00 proxy bid. If this happens you can open a support ticket and ask us to remove the balance of the proxy however if someone bids against you before we have time to correct this your bid may go higher than you wanted and we will not retract it so in this example if someone came and bid 15.00 the system would be 17.00 for you and we would leave that as the current bid with you winning so please be very careful to ensure the decimal place is in the correct spot or you may end up paying more than you want for an item.

If you bid 100.00 on an item and later have second thoughts we will not reduce the bid so please make sure you use the proxy system wisely and really make sure you want to enter that amount for a proxy bid before placing the bid.

A: As long as a bid is over 2.00 it is valid so a bid of 2.01 is a valid bid.

For Example….. you are the first person to bid on a lot that starts at 5.00 and you decide to bid 15.00 as your max. You enter 15.00 and the auction says “you are winning this lot at 5.00” you have another 10.00 in proxy that only you know about so if some one bids 10.00 or less you would continue to win this lot as the system bids for you in 2.00 increments until someone bids higher than your MAX proxy so if someone bid 15.01 they would be the new lead bid by a penny.

You will notice a lot of seasoned bidders bid in odd increments just so they can defeat a proxy bid and get the item for as little as possible. It’s a strategic bidding approach a lot of people now use with online bidding.

….so by entering odd bid amounts (even a penny) you can actually save yourself the price of a coffee if you adopt this strategy.

Yes, we are human and we make them too.  We really try not to as it usually causes a lot more work for us and we try to make it as fair as possible.  We do not want upset bidders or consignors so these things are not good for the site or our customers so we will try our best to make everyone happy.


If we catch it in time we will remove the bad lot and let the bidders know what happened.   If we miss it and it’s sold to two different people the winning bidder is under NO obligation to take the items if the photos or the descriptions do not match the actual items.  Unless it is a lot where we have multiples (Sometimes with jewelry and new products we have or can obtain more of the same items from the consignors or suppliers) we will do our best to appease each bidder.


Most of what we sell is used goods so we would not have TWO the same to award to each bidder.  so… If we accidently put TWO lots with the SAME photos and the SAME lot numbers we will contact each winning bidder and try to resolve the issue fairly if no resolution can be made we will relist the item.


We contact both bidders and explain what has happened and ask if they wish to have a silent auction between them or have us put the auction listing back up. If both agree to have a silent auction the highest bidder takes it. if any disagree with the silent auction option we will relist the item in next week’s sale to be fair.


We simply relist the item and apologise for our mistake. Putting up 300-500 lots each week we are bound to make a mistake once in a while and boy are we embarrassed and apologetic when we do.

Yes, online we call this a PROXY BID. In the AMOUNT box simply enter a LARGER AMOUNT and the system will bid for you in 2.00 increments.  Your bid amount will not jump up to the large amount unless someone already has a larger proxy on that item before you.



Bidder “A” will be shown as the current high bid at 5.00 as all auctions start at 5.00 (excluding currency and vehicle auctions) Bidder a will have a hidden proxy of 25.00.

if BIDDER “B” comes and places a bid of 7.00 the system will automatically give BIDDER “B” a outbid notice and instantly place a 9.00 bid for BIDDER “A” (Using the proxy to place a 2.00 bid) and BIDDER “A” will still be winning the auction not at 9.00.

If anyone paces a bid of 25.01 or higher BIDDER “A” will no longer be the winning bidder.

If the auction ends and the current bid is still 9.00 then BIDDER “A” will be awarded the auction lot for 9.00.

Email is UNRELIABLE at best.  The system tries to send out emails any time you are outbid but at times emails get lost, sometimes they get delayed, sometimes junk/spam/bulk filters block or miss file them… lots can happen.  It is best to watch your auction items close Sunday nights or place a LARGER proxy bid so that the system can bid for you.

If you use Hotmail/live/outlook it appears to have the most aggressive spam/junk mail filter of them all. Here are some instructions to assist in preventing our emails from going to spam/junk this is very similar in other emails as well. Yahoo, sympatico and Gmail can also have some issues with spam/junk to just whitelist or safe sender list us.

Prevent Hotmail From Spamming Email

To choose from which addresses Hotmail should never send email to spam, access the Safe senders list and type our website domain name midlandauctions.ca into the list. Here is a step by step for you.

Click the settings gear icon at the top right of Outlook.com.
Click View all Outlook settings at the bottom of the pop-out menu.
Go to Mail > Junk email.
Type midlandauctions.ca into the text box in the Safe senders area.
Click Add.
Click Save at the top of the page.

That should help.

Invoices are generated a few hours after the auction closes. If you are bidding on items this week please check your INVOICE page on Monday to confirm the items you won.  Items will be moved from your bids and status page to your invoice page. Please do not rely on email to tell you if you won or were outbid. Emails often get stopped or filed as spam/trash/bulk so they are unreliable. Check your INVOICE page on Monday to see if you won anything that needs to be picked up.  If you do not see the item on your invoice on Monday then contact us but chances are you were outbid and just did not realize it in time.

You can pay online with INTERAC or PAYPAL but if you choose to be late (Not paid by Saturday at 3pm) you will be invoiced $10.00 PER LOT for late fees and for larger items storage fees as well. 


We do not make ANY exceptions for this rule and no we will not lend you money until you can pay for the item (Yes, people ask us to do that too!).


We never want to charge the late fees as we want all items to be paid for on time but… if you feel the need to be late please be aware that a $10.00 PER LOT late fee will be added to your invoice!  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If you can not make it in on time for whatever reason you can pay online with interac email money transfer or request that we send you a paypal invoice to pay online with credit card. Please do this BEFORE Saturday.

We ask that you Please bring boxes and appropriate wrapping material.


We do NOT pack your items for you on pickup. If you require your items to be packed ahead of time a HANDLING fee will apply of 2.00 per lot with a MINIMUM 10.00 FEE same as we charge for shipping.  Dishes or glass items you must always pack yourself and no shipping insurance covers anything breakable so it’s not a good idea to ship such things either.

If you purchase a LARGE item such as a appliance or furniture piece or you are unable to lift heavier items you need to bring help with you to load it . Our staff can not assist you in loading items into your vehicle for insurance reasons.  We will bring the items to the counter for you but you will need to bring able bodies to assist you in loading your items if needed.

You have 5 days to pick up your items (Saturday by 3pm). If you for some reason can not pick them up we will store smaller items for you for 1 additional week free as long as you PAY for your items on time. We DO NOT store furniture so large items will have a very LARGE storage fee if not picked up by Saturday (2.00/sq foot for each week starting on SUNDAY.  Anything that takes up more then 1sq foot will be billed a 2.00/sq foot per week storage fee. At 60 days we will consider your paid items abandoned and either resell them, donate them or dispose of them and invoice you the costs involved.


Furniture or large bulky items will be invoiced a minimum 25.00/week for anything the size or a chair and dressers, tables, cabinets, etc are 40.00/week.  Large items 14 days will be considered abandoned and disposal fees and storage fees will still need to be paid.

Yes, We ship anywhere in Canada if your item in under 30lbs and can fit into a box. Stuff that needs to be crated or over 30lbs must be picked up. 

We do not ship furniture or any large items, We do not ship artwork or any frames, irregular shaped items as well that are hard to find boxes for are also not shippable with us. Insurance does not cover glass, pottery, china, etc.. so if you have us ship stuff that is not covered under the shipping insurance it will not be insured.

Everything is shipped by courier (not postal mail) please do not ask us to ship your item by postal mail to save you money we do not do this.

if you wish to have someone pick up your items for you that is fine.

You pay actual shipping rates plus handling fee. If you need shipping please open a support ticket on the contact us page and request a shipping quote. It is best to do this before Thursday.

Handling fee is 2.00 per lot and we have a MINIMUM 10.00 handling fee per shipment as it takes time for us to pack up your items, weight them and get a proper shipping quote. If you ask us for a SHIPPING QUOTE then come pick up the items the HANDLING FEE will apply. If you come and pick up your items without first asking us for a QUOTE FOR SHIPPING then you will not have any handling fee’s.


Auctions that run before August 2020 will only have a 6% buyers premium on credit card or paypal payments (waived for cash or debit payments) however Starting Aug 2020 we must implement a 10% buyers premium. Why? Overhead (especially this year) is up and because this is not retail (where we could just hide this into the prices like the retail stores do) we must add a buyers premium to stay competitive. We will be including all VISA/MC and PAYPAL fees in this so no more additional cost for credit card payments.

Sorry, At this time we ONLY approve CANADIAN bidders.  We only ship to addresses in CANADA.

Consignment auctions like ours have no reason to use a BOT.  Any real auction house that takes consignments will not even consider a BOT.  New product auctions such as penny auctions are the ONLY auction sites that we know of that use these bots and this is public knowledge as an ex employee of one of the big penny auctions spilled the beans just like the dating sites using bots was exposed to the world.

What is a BOT?
A BOT also known as web robot, is a software application that runs automated tasks (Artificial Intelligence) typically pretending to be a HUMAN.  Bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone. Search engines use BOTS to index websites, many Dating sites us bots to pretend to be ladies responding to guys so the guys pay for memberships, etc… etc… lots of applications for bots but they are complex and very expensive to create and only the top programmers can make good AI bots and they don’t come cheap.

Why do penny auctions use bots you ask??
They own ALL the items (or) they are drop shipping items.  These fake auction sites give you the illusion you are getting a great deal but if you do not reach the MINIMUM bid then a BOT purchases the item pretending to be a real buyer and the item just gets relisted and put through again and again till it sells for the minimum retail they company is after to turn a profit. Some of these sites even charge customers for each bid placed so they are very unethical.

Bots would not work on a consignment auction unless you allowed your customers to set reserves and have the bots bidding up the lots till the reserves were met (some live auctions have ghost bidders or plants in the audience placing bids so I could see why someone would wonder if online auctions did this). We DO NOT and it would only be a matter of time before a consignor spilled the beans and everyone would know that we allowed consignors to bid up items or set reserves.  We assure everyone that WE DO NOT ALLOW THIS.  Sure someone’s friend could make an account and place bids without anyone ever knowing but what if that person’s friend ends up being the winning bidder? It could happen, in fact we have caught people doing it and banned them for it but we do NOT allow it.

If you sell anything with us you know very well we DO NOT allow this.  Your items start at 5.00 with NO RESERVES (unless the item is a bank not, coins, stamps or a Vehicle and we have allowed a face value or higher start price on that item – not a hidden reserve)

It is ridiculous to accuse us of running BOTS. We run an HONEST business, we promote the site as best we can for our consignors and we get fair market value for the items.  If an item sells too cheap… oh well the bidder gets a great deal and something in the same auction will probably perform better then we expected and compensate for the under valued item… that is how an auction should be!

We charge HST on almost everything.

The only items we do not charge tax on is PURE BULLION (.999 or .9999) precious metals such as GOLD, SILVER or PLATINUM bars or coins.

These items are tax exempt under provincial and federal tax laws. Everything else has 13% HST. Our system does not allow us to enter tax exemption status card numbers but our HST number is on every invoice and if you have a status card with a exemption from tax you can use our invoice to claim the HST back. Sorry but we have no way to process this at this time.

We are also not set up for first nations tax exemption cards. All invoices are issued with HST due and our HST number is on all invoices. If you have a status card you will need to file the tax exemption receipt and the government will issue you the tax credit.

Here are some troubleshooting tips…

If it says you must register to bid and you have already been approved?

    Chance are you have not logged in or got logged out.

If the window does not open or show probably

    You may have JAVASCRIPT turned off. The easiest fix is to download a better browser. Many people use the default web browsers (Internet Explorer or Safari). You may want to download firefox web browser
    it’s free and will have java turned on for you by default (works with both mac and pc as well). Another alternative is google’s Chrome browser

If you are using a cell phone (especially one with a small screen) it may not be 100% compatible with the site. The bid window is too large for some devices. Tablets and personal computers work great! 

If the POP UP bidder window is not fully visible your screen resolution is large or you have the disability option for enhanced or large text running.

    To fix this hold down your CTRL button and click the MINUS (-) sign a few times. This will force the screen to shrink to fit on your page.

Further issues see below under (KNOWN TECHNICAL ISSUES)

Smart phones do not always work for the bidding window. Use the FULL PAGE bidding window when on cell phone not the quick bid.


Check here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows/upgrade-your-browse (you will want unternet explorer 8 or better) or better yet download firefox (it works better) http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/


Some browsers and devices are stalling out when you login. If you use the TOP RIGHT login (Where the menu is) uses a technology called AJAX that is not 100% compatible with everyone’s devices. If it just shows the loading icon spinning endlessly simply click the LOGIN link in the TOP menu (Under the logo) this link does not use AJAX. Here is a shortcut, click this and bookmark it. [Click Here]


Your JAVA is not working in your web browser, try a different browser or go to https://www.java.com/en/ and download java and reinstall it. Java is pre-installed on all web browsers however if you change your security settings or at times java will become unstable or out of date and stop working you will need to update it. Java controls 90% of our website and without it you can not bid or even watch the auction. You can still see pages like this and the preview but that is about it.

If a value is mentioned on a listing please do not assume this is the best price you can find this item for anywhere in the world!  Yes, Some people seam to think that.  With new products if a price is mentioned it is usually the going rate taken from either another auctions site, a popular online retailer, a MSRP or a estimated value.  Used items may indicate the item was originally purchased for a value, this does not mean it currently holds that value. Some things go up in price and some go down.  If it says the price is 100.00 and you find it online for 60.00 then we suggest you stop bidding at 58.00 (or keep bidding we don’t mind!) just do your homework before bidding as once that bid is placed we WILL NOT retract it cause you found it cheaper somewhere else.

Auction lots close starting at 8pm EST on SUNDAYS, First lot closes at 8pm and one closes every 30 seconds after that. Softclose listings get bumped 2 minutes so at times more then one auction is closing at the same time due to the softclose. Many bidders log in and make bids during the close of the auction, the server is very busy at that time and pages will load a little slower. We suggest getting your bids in early and using a proxy bid but please feel free to log in at the end of the auction to keep an eye on your items and to sneak in any last minute bids. It does get exciting at the end with everyone bidding.


You can also NOT get a friend, family or employ someone to do this either. That is a SHILL BID and if caught (and we will catch you) you will loose your items and any sales from those items. You will also not be welcome to consign with us again. If you wish to sell your items with a reserve price sell it yourself on many of the local classified ad sites or papers. If you wish to sell it with us then it is to be offered at no reserve, no shill bidding or tampering. With that said you can also NOT pick up one of your own items for “someone else”.


If you BID for someone who has a BANNED ACCOUNT your account will be banned as well.

A consignor has the choice to take back or relist the items if not paid for within the allotted time
Non paying bidder gets suspended from bidding and can no longer place any bids on the site until the account is in good standing

You will be billed 10.00 per lot for late payments even if the consignor takes back the item
You will be billed for the commissions lost 4.00 or 25% whatever is higher even if the consignor takes back the item

You will be billed 2.00 per sq foot per week for storage and any handling fee’s for storing, packing or moving your items even if the consignor takes back the item
A security deposit or credit card may be required with permission to automatically bill for all winning auctions on accounts that are frequently late. Remember credit cards require a 6% buyers premium paid

You have until SATUDAY at 3pm to pick up your items (Saturday after auction closes). Most online auctions only have 2 days at most with very limited hours! Not us! We give you PLENTY OF TIME. If you can not make it in by SATURDAY you can pay for your items by PAYPAL or by INTERAC EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER. We NO LONGER accept credit cards called in over the phone. Items not paid for by 3pm on Saturday are late and your only chance to avoid late fee’s after this time is to send a paypal or interac payment before Monday for the balance owing. Lots not paid for within 7 days are billed a 10.00 PER LOT late fee and you can loose your items after Wednesday as the consignors can take them back, offer them to the runner up bidder or relist them. If you pay for your items online you avoid the 10.00 per lot fee and we will give you a additional week to pick up your items (Excluding large furniture pieces they must be picked up by Saturday). Storage fees of 2.00 per sq foot per week and handling fees will apply to larger items that are late pickups even if paid online. Small objects we do usually waive any storage and handling fees if picked up within the second week but it the items take up more then a square foot we will have handling fee’s (Coins, Stamps, single lot trinkets, etc.. that do not require packaging or special handling and do not take up much room can be stored for future pickup). At 60 days we will consider your items abandoned and either resell them, donate them or dispose of them and invoice you the costs involved.


 Consignors do not get paid till you pay for your items, we want happy consignors as they keep bringing us all good stuff, please help us keep them happy and make sure your lots are paid for on time. We really do not want to charge anyone the 10.00 per lot late fee when they are late…. but we ALWAYS do! No Exceptions! so please pay on time. Thanks.


Due to Covid19 Virus issues we are offering LOCAL DELIVERY and CURB SIDE PICKUP please DO NOT show up at random times, our doors are locked and we will ONLY be serving customers who booked a delivery or pickup at this time. Pickups will be available from 11am to 3pm Tuesday to Saturday by appointment booked online by clicking the link in your menu.

Pickup location
6493 Highway 93, Waverly Ontario
Note some GPS systems do not recognise Waverly and you must enter Elmvale instead.
MAP: Click here for map.

If you pick up the items you save on shipping and handling (you pack it yourself) and if you pay by cash or debit on pickup items you save the buyers premium fee as well.
We do usually have boxes and newspaper but if possible you should bring some with you too as we can easily run out or not have the proper size boxes for your items.
Bring help with you if you buy large furniture or heavy items. We are not always able to assist you in loading your car but we will always open the door for you if needed. Especially on cold wet days… No one wants to be inside all day in wet clothes! We move a LOT of heavy items… it’s hard on the back, knees and muscles! so sometimes we physically can not help either. Please bring help with you if you will require it.

Due to covid19 we do not have any previews. Please open a support ticket and ask questions bur please dont wait till the end of the auction to ask questions. Tuesday to thursday is best, we can pull the item and better answer your questions.

We opened up the shop in Midland in 2011
Before that time we did mostly ONLINE auction sales (Started in 2001)

Chris & Caro,

We ran an antiques & collectibles mall and small antiques store prior to this venture. Both in Midland Ontario.

We also sold on ebay as power sellers for over 10 years before opening our own local auction site.

Our business is still called the SwapShop but these days it’s all sold online by auction.

We will sell anything we think is sell-able and legal to sell!

We have been in the antiques and collectables business for 20+ years and are really good at picking the Gems and knowing current market values!

We are a small family business – good people who are friendly and like to chat so come visit us. We are honest and personable and we have lots of regular return customers and consignors to prove it!   We do not permit any shill bidding or unethical auction practices, we do not try to hide flaws in items or sell broken items and not disclose the condition.  In fact you do not need to pay for an item if you find it is not as described and with any product that is sold as working you get 24 hours after paying for the item to take it home and test it out (Sorry anyone paying online and picking up later or having an item shipped will not have this ability but anyone picking up times will)

Anyone can sell with us. Please visit our consignors page [Click Here]

A value or an appraisal is an opinion and not the cheapest price guarantee. This is especially true with jewelry appraisals.  Appraisals issued with the jewelry are for insurance purposes and the actual retail value is usually MUCH lower, wholesale of mass produced jewelry is usually 10 to 20 percent of retail value so it has very large mark up prices in stores.  The insurance wants to know what it would cost to DUPLICATE the item in order to replace it exactly and this would involve someone custom making the piece and you can expect to pay a lot more then the retail amount to have this done.

MSRP (Manufactures suggested retail price) is exactly what is says, it’s the price the manufactures suggests that the retail outlets sell the item for.  It does not mean someone will not sell it for less and advertise that sale price.  Please research your items BEFORE placing a bid, if you can find the item for less somewhere else that just means you have done your homework better then the person currently holding the winning bid.

Depends. When items are not picked up by the winning bidder we do relist the item if the consignor wishes to relist it and as long as it originally sold for over 20.00 (and yes we BAN the bad bidders if they do not pick up items and pay for them).

If the lot sold for under 20.00 we give the item back to the consignor.  We can also offer it to the runner up bidder and usually ask the consignor what he/she would like to do.

When we RELIST an item we mention in the description that the item is being relisted and why, if you do not see that info then it is simply another lot with the same item.

NOTE: Some items such as the BRAND NEW product such as electronics and much of the jewelry is from a wholesaler so we get almost identical items listed.  These items are not relisted they just supply us with more of them.

Also, If you purchase something from the auction then wish to resell it you must wait 3 months to sell it with us.

General items do not have reserves. Exceptions listed below…

Currency auctions (Stamps, Bank notes or Coins)
If lot is for a 50.00 bank note that is currently accepted by the bank we will start the auction at 50.00 this is not a reserve but a STARTING PRICE equal to face value.

With Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Etc… The consignor can request a START PRICE (Not a hidden reserve price). We will start these auctions with the higher start price but the owner of the item will be required to pay a 10% fee on the reserved start price if the item does not sell…. So if the reserve start price is set to 1000.00 a 100.00 commission is due even if the item does not sell.

On successful sale the standard 30% commission will apply however we cap the commission at a maximum 1000.00. Even if it sells for 10k our commission stands at 1000.00.

The sellers package must be purchased in advance for vehicles. A signed bill of sale, signed ownership card, the vehicle itself and the sellers package must be dropped off with the keys to our shop parking lot before the auction starts.

Why no other reserves?
Why do we not place reserves on general merchandise? Simple, we establish a fair market value for the items, we have enough bidders that items reach fair prices market value prices. Starting lots at 5.00 adds early interest in the items and creates some excitement for the bidders, sometimes they get lucky and score an item for a incredible price but that is what an auction is all about! If you put a BUY IT NOW price or a reserve price then you might as well try to sell it on one of the classified ad sites. Our bidders love our no reserve auctions with no buyers premium options and because of this we have a HUGE following. In many cases if the consignor wants a reserve on a great item we will offer to purchase the item instead from the consignor so that we can feature the item in our auction and they do not take any risk. More then 90% of the time the consignor should have put the item in themselves as they would have made more on the item then we paid them for it … but sometimes people want a sure thing.

If a bid is placed in the last 3 minutes of the auction, the auction is extended 3 minutes past the current close time if another bid is placed it is extended another 3 minutes and keeps doing this till bidding stops and the auction is won by the highest bidder. This keeps the auction fair for everyone and turns the bidding into a live back and forth auction at the end. We may adjust this as time goes on to optimize the best time. We have adjusted this over the years from 5 minutes down to 2 minutes and find that 3 minutes is best


  • We use what is known as a PROXY BID engine. This is much like leaving a ABSENTEE BID at a live auction when you can not make it to the live auction. Proxy bidding allows you to enter your MAX BID (Meaning the MOST you wish to bid on an item). The system will automatically advance your bid against other bidders like a absentee bid would do at a live auction (This is done on your behalf until your max is reached or you have won the lot).For example:All auctions start at 5.00 so if you are the first bidder and you enter a MAX BID of say 30.00 the amount showing would be 5.00 with 1 bid placed (and you would be currently winning that auction). If another bidder places a bid of lets say 20.00 the system will automatically advance your bid for you (absentee bid) to 22.00 (and continue to advance it when more bids are placed until your competitors bid either exceeds your MAX BID or the auction ends with you winning the item. It will bid in increments of 2.00 up to 100.00 and after the auction reaches 100.00 it may switch to 5.00 increments.Q: How could someone beat me by a PENNY!?
    A: The standard BID INCREMENT is 2.00 (or 5.00 over 100.00) but if you place a PROXY bid (Choose a higher bid yourself of over 2.00) then the next bidder comes and enters a bid at least .01 cent higher then your proxy they become the current winner. This only happens when you or the other person use a proxy bid. Example below.- User1 bids 5.00
    – User2 bids 15.00 (Proxy bid over 2.00) but holds the current winning price of 7.00 (2.00 above the previous 5.00 bid)
    – User1 bids with a proxy and places a bid of 9.50
    ** SYSTEM PLACES A ABSENTEE PROXY BID FOR User2 of 11.50 (2.00 over last bid but withing the proxy amount) and shows still winning
    – User1 bids a proxy again at 15.50 (.50 cents over the maximum proxy but still more then 2.00 over current bid of 11.50) and takes the winning amount at 15.50You can actually take over a bid with .01 cent if your lucky. If User1 in the above example bid 15.01 when he would have the winning bid at 15.01 and you would need to place your bid at 17.01 or higher. May seam unfair but a penny is a penny. If the other bidder bids the SAME as your PROXY then you continue to WIN as they placed the bid for that amount first. It’s not a bad idea to bid a few cents over your bid.

REGISTER: First you must register (and wait for us to approve your account to bid). You do not need a credit card to bid here however we do need a valid phone number.


  1. First step is to go to the main active auction listings http://midlandauctions.ca/ and scroll down till you see your item.
  2. Click on the photo of your item (or the BID NOW green button)
    This should open a window in the middle of your screen. (If no window appears see troubleshooting below)
  3. In this window is a BID HERE button… click it
  4. It will then say Enter Your Maximum Bid … enter your maximum bid amount
  5. Click the PLACE BID button and a window will open to tell you if your bid is not the high bid or not.


We will send a email notice when a new auction starts and when it is ending along with the occasional newsletter when necessary, emails are also sent out automatically when you bid, when you get outbid, on watched items and when you win. These notification emails are sometimes put into your SPAM/BULK email folders however so please add midlandauctions.ca to your good email filters if you wish to receive these notification emails. We also send out notices for any overdue accounts.

If your picking up your items at our location in Midland we accept Cast, Debit, Visa and MC (We do discount your purchase 6% by waiving the Buyers Premium if you pay with Cash or Debit)

If you are sending someone to pick up your items for you and wish to prepay you can send us a INTERAC email money transfer or request a PAYPAL invoice be sent (6% Buyers premium applies to the PAYPAL but not with INTERAC).  Sorry we do not accept credit card numbers over the phone or email (paypal is the only current option if you wish to pay with a credit card without being in person at our pickup location).  If you require shipping please open a support ticket from the CONTACT page and ask us to send you a shipping quote and let us know how you wish to make payment at that time as well.


You only need to register ONE time and you will be per-registered for all upcoming auctions.

All new registrations are reviewed by a staff member and are approved manually. We do monitor new registrations closely during live auctions (especially at the end of a auction) and review & approve new registrations as soon as possible.

We DO NOT require a credit card to register or bid however we do require your FULL legal address including apartment numbers if applicable (so if we have to ship your items we have your correct info) also all bidders must be over 18 years of age, live in Canada and have a valid phone number on file with us.

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