99% of the items we sell here are Consignments. Local Antiques dealers, coin collectors, coin shops, estate cleanouts and the general public with stuff to sell

THOUSANDS of local bidders join us every week!

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We offer a few choices when selling with us.

  1. OPTION 1 (Most Common)
    30% commission and you lot the items and supply the wording of how you wish the lot to be listed. Try to avoid lots that the value is less than 20.00 if you are unsure you can ask us but at busy times we will pass on lower value items or merge your items together into lots if we feel the value is too low or the item may not sell at all.  It is best to TYPE your list or CLEARLY print your list in a nice easy to read list. Your items should be labeled A, B, C, D, Etc… and your list should include matching labels.
  2. OPTION 2 (Easiest Option for new sellers)
    45% commission we do all the lotting of items and wording If you do not wish to lot the items up or supply a list we can do that for you.  Basically you drop off clean quality items you think would sell and we will do the rest.  If we can not lot the item up with other items of yours or we feel it is not a good item for the auction we will put it aside and you can pick it back up in a few days.



We do take a MINIMUM commission of 4.00 per lot (this covers the costs involved in creating the listing such as labor for photography and entering the listing information into the website). It is BEST for you and us if your lots sell for over 20.00 per lot so we ask that you do not place low value items individually.

ALL Items must be CLEAN….  This includes smoke free, no pet smells or mildew/must/mold.

Please mention any condition issues with each lot if any exist and as much valid info as possible

Do not just attach a post it or a note to each item instead of a list. This is very important in keeping things organized on our end. Your list needs to be SEPERATE from your items

No FAKES or KNOCK OFFS.  This includes purses, bags, wallets, jewelry, coins, glasses, watches, etc.. If it is a high dollar item and you are not sure you should get it authenticated. If an item comes back from a buyer with proof it is a knock off or forgery of any kind we will reimburse the seller and the consignor is responsible for the lost commissions from the sale of the item.


We always ask that you please only bring quality items and donate the box lots and low value items to the local thrift stores or have garage sales.  We get plenty of box lots and low value items from estate clearances and we do list these items as they are a necessary part of the auction however we get so much of it we ask that the pickers and general public who bring in items please bring in items that have the potential to get over 20.00 per lot (Aim for 30.00 a lot) we will refuse any lot we think has no potential to get to at least 20.00 or we will adjust your lots if we can and combine items in a way that they have more potential to get 20.00+ for the lot. Please do not bring broken items that would be expected to work, a antique camera that no longer takes photos would be fine but a broken coffee maker or vacuum please just recycle that.  Bidders have 24 hours to test items, If the bidder takes the item home and finds it broken we will issue them a refund and you will owe the lost commissions so please test stuff first.

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Ask us if your not sure. We know prices of today’s market! We have been antiques and collectibles dealers for many years and know the current market very well and can assist you in selling your treasures. We can do a walk through on a house and estimate the auction value rather easily as we have years of experience in this field.  Why risk throwing out the good stuff while you try to sell the items that currently have no real market value? Most people think the dining room suite they have is valuable and unless it is designer mid century teak it really is not worth much at all in todays market as al the baby boomers are downsizing and selling the EXACT same dining room suite in either walnut, maple or oak.  Those tea cups, figurines and trinkets may have had value 10+ years ago have very little value but if you have a video game system from the 1980’s or some plastic or tin toys from the 60’s 70’s or 80’s you could be sitting on a gold and not even know it.  Coins, silverware, etc.. etc.. are always valuable and even some costume jewelry. Don’t worry, we do know what sells in todays market and can help you out.  Please do not throw anything out in your garage as most estates have the most value in the garage! Tins, Tools, tool boxes and other items commonly found in sheds and garages are very valuable.

We do buy items at times if the seller does not wish to consign them and we feel they are good items for the auction but of course we prefer to take them as consignments as buying items can complicate things and give someone the wrong impression as our offer to purchase would be much lower than the amount we feel it will sell for.  You will get the most out of your items if you consign them, if we purchase them we are just going to list them on the auction and were not going to purchase most items for more than 10-20 percent of current market value in most cases.  Coins, military, top shelf collectibles and antiques are closer to 50% of market value but your always better off consigning items.  This seams unfair to most people but we would rather you consign the items.   If you need cash today we will always buy things we think we can sell just bring some photo id with you and the items. We must record all purchased items with photo id to ensure we never accidentally purchase stolen goods so your ID will be photocopied and placed on file if the legitimacy of the items comes in question.

Overwhelmed with an estate full of antiques or collectibles? Coin or car collections? Maybe just some nice antique furniture that needs a new home? We can help. We can give you estimates on prices for your items, help organize your on-site estate sales or come take photos and organize a online estate sale where we take care of it all for you.

You should contact us BEFORE you have a garage sale (NOT AFTER) if your not sure of the current market prices or if something is garbage or valuable. Often families will inherit an estate full of treasures and even know what is and is not a treasure. We have found simple things like fruit preserve jars and oil cans in basements, attics and garages worth 1000’s of dollars that the family was going to throw out or recycle in order to clean a basement or attic and sell an estate.

We can usually get you much more for your items (items you did not even know were valuable) and if you are unsure of the value of your antiques and collectibles we we be more then happy to come by and give you some advise (and maybe buy or consign a few items from you).

Please do not bring us knock off (unlicensed reproductions or forgery pieces).  For example is your purse says GUCCI and you bought it new for under 200.00 chances are it is NOT REAL (It could be and if you are unsure we can look at it for you but chances are it’s a knock off). Fake sunglasses, fake sterling or gold that is stamped 925 but is plated, Fake purses and even fake scarfs are not only bad to sell but can also be illegal to sell so we will not knowingly sell a fraud/fake piece.


  1. Please DO NOT LIE or FIB on your descriptions you are responsible for accuracy in your descriptions! If your item is repaired, damaged (crack, chip, scratch, not fully working, etc) please mention it in the description.  If you say it is working, new, as new, Good to Excellent condition, etc… we will hold you to it.  The buyer has 24 hours to get it home and test it, if it is not working 100% or is damaged and the damage is not listed in the description they can bring it back and YOU the consignor will have to pick it back up and pay us for the lost commissions. We tell the bidders if the item is listed ASIS or AS FOUND or is a vintage or antique item and the description does not say what condition issues it has or detail the condition they are to assume it has A lot of damage and to bid accordingly. You should take the time to explain the condition so your bidders are more confident in the bids they make, you will get better money for your items and less items being returned if you have honest clear condition details. Just saying the item is in As found condition with no details will discourage many bidders who are willing to overlook a old repair or a few small chips. If we feel you are purposely not being honest we may ask you to stop consigning with us. We need to keep both the bidders and consignors happy.
  2. Do not use terms like “RARE” or “SCARCE” or make claims to how valuable they are without being able to back it up. If you look online and find 100 of some item for sale it is not rare or scarce, if you find one of them that sold 10 years ago well that may be scarce. Remember just because someone else says its rare does not mean it’s rare.
  3. Grade of coins & bank notes. Unless the coin is sealed and graded by a reputable company the grade should only be a suggestion or none at all.  Say “Should grade as a AU or better grade” is fine but saying “This is a AU grade coin” is not ok. Saying it should grade as a AU and it has significant wear is also not permitted.
  4. Please print your descriptions very clean if you are hand writing your list if you can type them it is MUCH better, if your handwriting is too hard for the staff to scan with OCR your descriptions will not be correct.  That is not good for you or us and if we need to take time to fix this costs are involved in labor for time and the costs will be passed on to the consignor.
  5. Measurements and sizes. Your listings should have measurements or sizes if needed.  Rings can be sized here if you do not know, just ask when you bring the items in.  Objects like pictures and paintings, decor items etc… should have the size included (Inches preferably).



For customers bringing items to us to sell for them please print the contract: [Click Here]

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