Have something you wish to sell but don’t want to have a garage sale or deal with long term consignments or classified ads?

Don’t know what to price your items at in this market?

Inherited an estate or with to downsize a living estate?

Want to know what your antiques & collectibles are worth in today’s market?

We can help with all these!

We only take 25% commission if you lot the items up !
You simply bring in a list of items along with the items and we sell it for you. Really nice and simple! We do avoid stuff that is best sold at garage sales but we can help you determine what is best to sell with us first.

We try to lot the items up so they have potential to get over 20.00 if not we may group them with something else of yours and return the lot to you. If you wish to bring in large items or a large amount of small items please check with us first (Drop by or open a support ticket on the contact us page).

If you want to just drop off boxes and have us lot them up we charge 30% commission but you have that option as well. (We also waive the buyers premium on pickups not paid by credit card so this gives the buyers more money to bid with and no surprise bills!!)

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We know prices of today’s market! We have been antiques and collectibles dealers for many years and know the current market very well and can assist you in selling your treasures.

We personally buy, sell and take consignments but we will always try to convince you that consigning your items is best.  You will get the most out of your items this way, if we purchase them we are just going to list them on the auction and were going to purchase them for a lot less then 75% of what we thing the sale will be but if you consign them you get 75% of the final realized price.  If you need cash today we will always buy just bring some photo id with you and the items.

Overwhelmed with an estate full of antiques or collectibles? Maybe just some nice furniture that needs a new home? We can help. We can give you estimates on prices for your items, help organize your on-site estate sales or come take photos and organize a online estate sale where we take care of it all for you.

You should call us before you have a garage sale if your not sure of the current market prices or if something is garbage or valuable. Often families will inherit an estate full of treasures and even know what is and is not a treasure. We have found simple things like fruit preserve jars and oil cans in basements, attics and garages worth 1000’s of dollars that the family was going to trow out or recycle in order to clean a basement or attic and sell an estate.

We can usually get you much more for your items (items you did not even know were valuable) and if you are unsure of the value of your antiques and collectibles we we be more then happy to come by and give you some advise (and maybe buy or consign a few items from you).

For mixed auctions and coin auctions our commission is only 25% of the sale however we do have a 4.00 minimum commission per lot listed so please lot your items in lots that will sell for 25.00 or more per lot (sorry it is just not worth the time to list lots that only sell for a few dollars or do not sell at all). We do not charge for photos or time for listings or advertising fee’s on scheduled in house mixed estate auctions. If you have a FULL estate auction you wish us to sell for you the commissions, advertising and costs associated are negotiable depending on the size of the auction and the items in the sale.

If you require a representative to come to your house to pickup items for auction this can be arranged as well, a higher commission rate will be required for this of 35% for items located under 60km from our location and a minimum commission of 10.00 per lot. We would first send out a rep to review the items you wish to put into the auction as well, really big furniture does not usually sell (even if it is old) sometimes it will but we will need to review it first. If you need items cleared from a house that are not sell-able auction items a disposal and manpower fee may be required if you need us to clear an estate. In some cases a ON LOCATION sale is the best way to work large estates. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss these options.

You can read and print the contract: [Click Here] For Online Version of Contract

Any question please open a support ticket: [Click Here]