Things we do not take from the general public.

We do occasional have these items listed as we clear estates and we are obligated to try to sell all the potentially sell able contents but we do not take these items as walk ins at the store. We will add to this list as we think of items to add, just because your item is NOT listed below does not mean we will accept it, please drop by and ask.

  • Push button phones, cordless phones, vintage cell phones or business phone systems
  • Broken electronics
  • Taxidermy (Illegal to sell in Ontario)
  • Children’s used safety devices
  • Baby Cribs
  • Guns (we do have someone that will take these however contact for info)
  • Junk Lots (Left overs from a garage sale)
  • The Club (Stering wheel anti theft devices)
  • Most dolls (Exceptions to rare barbie dolls and very old french and german
  • signed porc. or wax)
  • Laptop Bags
  • Anything moldy, musty or to smelly to sell (including very stinky moth ball smell, smoking or perfume)
  • Most Antique sewing machines (Exceptions are 221 & 22k Featherweight signers and space age 1950s stylized machines and childs toy machines)
  • Most china (Full sets of china & high end china such as Shelly, RCD or even Paragon we may consider)
  • Amber colored art glass, depression glass or carnival glass
  • Organs (only exception is a hammond b2 with lesney speaker)
  • 1980’s or newer hockey cards (Very few exceptions)
  • 1970’s or newer baseball cards (Very few exceptions)
  • Most non sports cards or football/basket ball cards (Pokemon, Magic, Beatles cards excluded and some exceptions for others)
  • Used coolers
  • used tents (pop up tents and 10+ person tents in near perfect condition are fine)
  • Used air mattresses
  • Beds & mattresses unless brand new (Never used still in plastic)
  • Damaged silverplate or partial silverplate items
  • Candles & candle holders (we get these with every estate)
  • Most single or ugly lamps (1950’s and some deco/artnew lamps are exceptions)
  • Used ceiling fixtures (fans & lights)
  • Low boy dressers (unless they are mid century teak and top condition)
  • forgery/fakes (fake brand names, fake silver/gold marks, hockey card fakes,
  • fake coins & bills, etc.. Anything made to be deceitful)
  • Food products
  • Untested electronics (You must guarantee the item is working to list it)
  • used pots and pans and cooking devices such as grills (exceptions such as leCruset pots, cast iron pots, etc.)
  • Bear traps
  • Treadmills and other work out machines
  • used clothing (exceptions are vintage leather jackets, cowboy boots, etc.. quality items that retain value and are in excellent condition)


… and 100’s of other items we have not added yet.  Sorry we aim for all consignments to reach a MINIMUM of 20.00 any items that we do not feel have the potential to reach 20.00 are turned down.