Tues.10:00am - 5:00pm
Wed.10:00am - 5:00pm
Thurs.10:00am - 5:00pm
Fri.10:00am - 5:00pm
Sat.11:00am - 3:00pm
* Closed Sunday, Monday & Holidays.

Pickup location
6493 Highway 93, Waverly Ontario
MAP: Click here for map.

Important Pickup Info
• Please DO NOT COME EARLIER OR LATER than the above posted times. Even if we are on location we will NOT assist you before or after posted hours. If you are early or late please come back at posted times.

• We are closed ALL SUNDAYS, ALL MONDAYS & MOST HOLIDAYS so no pickup or drop-off is available these days.

Consignor Tip #1
• Tuesday & Saturday mornings are often busier, if you have items to consign or wish to be paid out this is often a BAD time. Customers picking up auction items are helped first so you may be waiting a while if you come at these times. Wednesday to Friday are best if you can make it.

Consignor Tip #2
• Please view the [Bad Items] list and keep in mind that if your item does not have potential to reach 20.00 we will either return it to you or add it to another lot, we get lots of low value items from estates so we do NOT accept low value items as general consignments.


*We do not have pickup or drop off on Sunday or Monday

NO FEE FOR PICKUP ITEMS but you MUST PAY FOR YOUR ITEMS by SATURDAY and if you can not pick the items up by Saturday storage fees may apply.  Items not paid for by SATURDAY will incur LATE FEES and they are high and non negotiable to discourage anyone from being late.  Please DON’T BE LATE it causes us a lot more work and the consignors need to be paid. Happy consignors means we get more great stuff for future auctions.

ON SITE AUCTIONS will indicate the location and times for the pickup on the auction lots.



Please do not ask us to ship a couch or even a chair, furniture and larger items are pick up only.

We ship using COURIER (Usually CANPAR). No one insures GLASS or POTTERY or PORCELAIN so we ship those items at THE BUYERS own risk (We do our best to pack them well).

If you ask to ship your items we do not have any return policies, you are buying all your items ASIS and without any guarantee or warranty of any kind. Our auction items are consignments and once your pay for your items the consignor is paid. If you contact us saying your item was broken or not working we can not help you unless the courier insurance covers the loss.

Items marked as NEW or WORKING in the auction listing come with a 24 hour return window if picked up at our pickup location but when you have items shipped this voids the 24 hours return offer.  We DO NOT accept any items that are shipped so please bid accordingly and consider all items asis.

We send quotes out on WEDNESDAY for shipping and try to ship on THURSDAYS so we ask that if you need shipping please open a support ticket MONDAY or TUESDAY and ask for a quote. We do have a $2.00 per lot Handling fee and a $10.00 MINIMUM handling fee per shipment. If you do not ask for a shipping quote before WEDNESDAY your items will probably not go out with the shipping until the following week.

Shipping is NOT cheap in Canada! Minimum these days is about 13.00! I know, it sucks! Don’t get mad at us please we have ZERO control over what the shippers charge! We do NOT charge a BUYERS PREMIUM so we work with very small margins.


  • Yes, we charge a minimum 10.00 handling. Why? It takes time to ship your items, we only make a small commission on the SALE of the items as these items are CONSIGNMENTS and this is NOT a store it is a auction. If you need us to take the time to pack your items, get a shipping quote, arrange shipping pickup, etc..etc.. 10.00 is not really too much.  Bottom line is NON ONE WORKS FOR FREE! We don’t and our staff also do not work for free.  If you complain or contest the shipping quote you cause us more work we will bill you for this as well over and above the 10.00 fee.
  • We DO NOT ship large items!  if you purchase an item or items that require a box larger then 24×24 inches or so heavy it needs a crate or special packaging you will need to arrange your own shipping and handling of the item!
  • We send everything with a tracking number and insurance please DO NOT ask us to just put your auction lot in the regular mail with a stamp.
  • If you ask us to get you a shipping quote then decide to pick up your items cause the quote was too much then you will still be charged the 2.00 per lot handling fee. We quote the actual quoted price we get from the courier and we do not pad it.

If you wish to use your own courier (Ups, FedEx, etc..) you can schedule a pickup at our location during posted hours and let us know when pickup will be. A 2.00 per lot handling fee for time will still be invoiced but no 10.00 minimum.


We buy, sell and consign items for our store and for our online auctions!  Drop by and chat (Hours & Location below). If you have LARGE items like a chair or larger please book a time. Visit the contact us page and request a drop off time or better yet snap a photo and drop by the store and we will review it and let you know if it’s worth bringing in to sell or not.  We DO NOT take everything people bring in, lots must have the potential to get over 20.00 if they are a consignment. When we purchase an estate or work with the real estate agency or inheritance estates we try to sell everything but we do not take low value items on consignment it’s not worth it for us or the consignor.




We NEVER want to charge late fees but we will with NO EXCEPTIONS if you are late. PERIOD!  You can avoid this by paying for your items on time.  We have a HUGE pickup time as you have from Tuesday till 3pm Saturday to pick up the items and pay for them.  If you can not make it in to pick up your items you still need to pay for them online.  If you are late paying a 10.00 PER LOT late fee will also be applied so please make your payment by interac email money transfer or paypal if you can not pick up your items within the allotted 7 days. Storage fees of 2.00 per sq. foot will apply past the 7 days. If you fail to pay for your items the consignors can relist them or offer them to the runner up bidders and your account would be suspended.  To reactivate your account you will need to pay the late fees still of 10.00 per unpaid lot plus any lost commissions on the items (25%) if the consignors relisted the items or took the items back you are still on the hook for the late fees and lost commissions (We never want to charge these fees so please don’t make us, if you force us to we will not give you any exceptions!). Seriously the 10.00 fee per lot is not a cash grab it’s a PENALTY for being late. You really make the consignors mad and cause us a whole lot of work when you are late or do not pick up your items.  We will BAN problem accounts as well so please pick up and pay for your items so we can ensure the auction runs smooth, the consignors are happy so we can get you more great stuff.


If you require shipping please get a shipping quote before making your payment. If you are unable to pick up your items the week of the auction you can pay for your items online and pick them up next week (Small items only please we need the space so if you bid on furniture or larger items please arrange pickup during the current pickup week).

You can pay for your items online by either INTERAC EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER from your bank or using PAYPAL however with PAYPAL we do charge the 6% buyers premium.

To make a payment by INTERAC EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER please follow these steps.

  1. Open a support ticket and ask us for the INTERAC email address (we do not post this publicly)
  2. Log into your online banking and find the Interac email money transfer link.
  3. For the security question please use your bidder name
  4. For the security question answer please use “midlandauctions” (Without the quotes just midlandauctions all one word no spaces)

For PAYPAL simply open a support ticket and request a PAYPAL invoice with NO SHIPPING if you plan to pick up the items next week or with shipping if the item is ship-able and you wish to have it shipped.

We do NOT take credit card info over the phone or in the support ticket or email. You must use paypal or interac email money transfer. If you do not use either of these then you must make payment in person on time at our location or we must ask that you do not bid on items that you are not able to pick up on time.  Those are the ONLY options.  This is a ONLINE auction payments can be made in PERSON on pickup or ONLINE if you can create an account here and place bids you can use online banking or paypal.


We can store smaller items for you. If you pay on time using interac email money transfer or paypal we will hold your smaller items for 1 week at no extra cost to you. If you need more time the cost for storage is just 2.00 per week per cubic foot of storage space you need.  We DO NOT store large items, any furniture piece or bulky item will nee to be picked up during the pickup week.  Anyone who makes us store large items will get a nice big storage bill from us with a inconvenience surcharge. Please we have very limited space so if you can not pick up larger items during the scheduled pick up times please do not bid. At 60 days we will consider your items abandoned and either resell them, donate them or dispose of them and invoice you the costs involved. 


WATCH FOR WINTER WEATHER WE DO CLOSE IF IT IS BAD! Check the front page of the auction site for a link to weather warnings in the winter and we also post here if we are closing due to weather, sometimes we get a few feet of snow in a day and if your coming from Toronto you may not have any at all. On the flip side, summer up here is amazing! Make a day out of it, we have a great public beach at the end of our road! lots of great food shops around too!

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