To contact us first click the + NEW TICKET button then fill in the SUBJECT and the DESCRIPTION like you would in a email.


It’s better then email as it’s guaranteed to NOT get lost in cyberspace!  If you Need help? Have questions? Wish to pay for your items and arrange storage? Please fill in the blanks above and create new ticket. (If you are not logged in you should log into your account first and open a ticket, if you are not registered or are having problems logging in you can fill out a guest ticket but you will need to rely on your email to view the answer so be sure to check your spam/bulk email folder if that is the case)



We have PICKUP TIMES available each week at the following days and times.

Tues - 11am to 2pm
Wed - 5pm to 7pm *Evening*
Thurs - 12am to 8pm
Fri - 11am to 2pm

No Weekend or Holiday Pickups

NOTE: Friday pickups do not require a booking time

Pickup Information:
A pickup appointment is required Tuesday to Thursday. Friday pickups do not require a booked time. You can pickup your items at 6493 Highway 93, Waverly Ontario. please book a pickup appointment time at least 12 hours before you plan to come pickup your items if that is not possible please drop by on a Friday where you do not need a pickup time or contact us to make arrangements.

GPS ISSUES: Please note that some GPS systems do not recognise our address so just enter "Waverly" as we are at the only intersection in town. You can also try Elmvale instead of Waverley with our address as some GPS systems accept that as well.

MAP: Click here for map

We are closed on Statutory Holidays as well.

Simply go to the top of this page and you will see a box under the word SUBJECT and another under the word DESCRIPTION this is the same as email but it is guaranteed to get to us unlike email that is very unreliable. Simply fill in the blanks, click SUBMIT TICKET and we will receive your inquiry. This works after hours as well!

Please Note: We DO NOT have a phone at the shop so please do not open a ticket to ask for our phone number or give us your phone number asking us to call you. You can open a online support ticket below to contact us.

More and more online business’s do not publish phone numbers these days as we are all switching to a online support world. By using a online ticket support system we can answer support tickets when we are free to do so without impeding workflow and without interruption at the pickup area where we help customers at a first come first serve basis (Taking a phone call while someone is standing at the counter is unfair to the person at the counter). We find this way much more efficient and it also allows us to assist customers after hours.

We have been informed that first generation IPADS running safari web browsers do not all work with the ticket system, if the ticket system is not working for you please try a different browser or device or computer. Older computers or computers with java turned off or not updated may also not work.