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We are gathering your current bid infromation, this will update in real time without having to reload this page.
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  • The system can take up to 30 seconds to show any changes to the bid status page
  • Live auctions update without reloading the page. Watchlist items for upcoming auctions will not.
  • During the auction close you can watch this page or the live close page both show you that you are winning our outbid in plenty of time for you to react.
  • Some browsers have ability to hear sound. If you here a alarm sound this means your internet or some part of the internet between your browser and the website are down.
  • Internet is not fool proof, bugs in software exist and things that we never want to happen do happen. Keep in mind we NEVER want to miss you bid so we do EVERYTHING we can to ensure the website stays online and is fast but get your bids in early, use the proxy to enter you max bid and then if something goes wrong with the website or internet during auction close you still have a good chance at getting your item.
    We no longer offering shipping as of Oct 2021
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