Click this icon below or on the right side of your screen for quick access to your support center. Here you can open support tickets to ask for help, shipping or general questions. Our staff monitor these support tickets closely and respond as soon as possible to assist you. We do not have phone or email support, all correspondence with us is done in person or using our support ticket system.



It’s better then email as it’s guaranteed to NOT get lost in cyberspace!  If you Need help? Have questions? Need Shipping? Wish to pay for your items and arrange storage? Just open a new support ticket, fill in the blanks and this will create a new support ticket. No more lost emails. You can check back in to see a reply from our staff and the status of your ticket.  You should also receive a EMAIL notification when we reply or update your ticket. Please do not reply to these emails, we will not receive the email.


Due to Covid19 Virus issues pickup after Tuesday March 24th will not be available. Please pay for your items and we can store them for you here until this issue is over or we can ship them to you if you wish but shipping is 100% at the buyers risk as no signature is required on packages at this time

Pickup location
6493 Highway 93, Waverly Ontario
MAP: Click here for map.

Important Pickup Info
• Please DO NOT COME EARLIER OR LATER than the above posted times. Even if we are on location we will NOT assist you before or after posted hours. If you are early or late please come back at posted times.

• We are closed ALL SUNDAYS, ALL MONDAYS & MOST HOLIDAYS so no pickup or drop-off is available these days.

Consignor Tip #1
• Tuesday & Saturday mornings are often busier, if you have items to consign or wish to be paid out this is often a BAD time. Customers picking up auction items are helped first so you may be waiting a while if you come at these times. Wednesday to Friday are best if you can make it.

Consignor Tip #2
• Please view the [Bad Items] list and keep in mind that if your item does not have potential to reach 20.00 we will either return it to you or add it to another lot, we get lots of low value items from estates so we do NOT accept low value items as general consignments.

* We are closed on Statutory Holidays as well as the week of Christmas to Newyears for our annual holiday for us and the staff.

Please Note: We DO NOT have a phone at the shop so please do not open a ticket to ask for our phone number or ask us to call you.  You are online right now reading this, click the OPEN NET TICKET button above and contact us that way.  We promise we will reply ASAP.   You can drop by the shop if you wish to chat in person as well during business hours. We suggest not dropping by to chat on Tuesday Mornings as it’s the first day of auction pickup and rather busy usually at the shop.

Why No Phone?

More and more online business’s do not publish phone numbers these days as we are all switching to a online support world. By using a online ticket support system we can answer support tickets when we are free to do so without impeding workflow and without interruption at the pickup area where we help customers at a first come first serve basis (Taking a phone call while someone is standing at the counter is unfair to the person at the counter). We find this way much more efficient and it also allows us to assist customers after hours