PLEASE NOTE: We have suspended our local delivery service as of September 18th but don’t fear if a second covid wave comes where curbside pickup is not available we will look back into having delivery again.  At this time we are making special adjustments to the entrance of our building for the upcoming winter months for pickup and consignor drop offs. We are going to keep curbside pickup appointments Tuesday to Friday at 10 minute intervals as we have been doing and Saturdays will not require an appointment at this time (If a second wave of covid comes we suspect mandatory appointments only will be in effect again for curbside pickups but we will need to wait and see).  The delivery was started to assist with covid and we kept the delivery costs just low enough to pay a fair hourly wage and cost of gas.  Last few weeks we have had very little deliveries and they are spread out in distance so it is no longer cost effective to offer this service at the rates we had and since curbside pickup is running very smooth now the need for delivery is very little.  We will still offer courier shipping to those who do not wish to come pick up.

[ deliveryoption OFF]